Saturday, October 17, 2015

Long Way Baby

I've come a long way.

In the beginning was my diary and then, in grade seven, Miss Jones read an essay I had written over the public address system to the whole school and she made me promise to keep writing. And I did. But at college my relationship with writing changed.

I absolutely hated my creative writing courses. On the other hand, my writing skills were a huge part of my success in every other subject. I aced my History and English courses; my evaluators often crediting  the fluidity of my writing as a key part of my success.

By graduation, highly aware of my incompetence as an actor, I got into theatre administration and off the stage. At my desk, my ability to write made the grant and permit applications and sponsorship proposals succeed. I learned advertising copywriting and design as well and moved increasingly into the formatting of my words as well as deeper into their composition.

Retirement brought two books—one selling 5,000 copies—two plays and a screenplay. By this stage of my life, I was used to "motivation by commission;" I could only create for cash or to please.

BUT…. This morning I have begun writing a screenplay with no concern at all about its practicability. This is new turf for me—writing exclusively for pleasure and I love it.

In the beginning was therapy. Then writing became my source of income. It was always also a pleasure but now it is only that.

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