Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall Photos and More Thoughts about Moving

David and Bryan are lovely men whom I have known for decades. David once worked for me when he and Bryan moved here from Manitoba. I really enjoy the company of these two men who have been partners since high school.

David came to have a chat with me yesterday. He has a friend who has had a glorious career in commercial photography who now wants to try to establish a career as an art photographer but after we were finished with the “official” agenda we just got to chatting and he revealed that he and Bryan may move to Victoria and that news thrilled me.

This morning, I have made a short list of people who I know who live in Victoria and it is long enough to excite me. Perhaps, in the years ahead, I may move there as my way out of hardcore urban life and into the final chapters of my life. My beloved Jessica and her family live there too.

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