Friday, October 2, 2015

Thursday: Cooking Day

It was Farmers’ Market Day yesterday! I made gazpacho because it is warm and sunny and I love the gazpacho I make—especially with fresh organic ingredients. Few things can beat the smell of freshly cut cucumber.

I also made a nice pastry shell and then, without thinking, turned it upside down and ruined it. So I had to make a second one and had to go shopping for more ingredients—all done slowly avec ma canne. But I don’t care; I am rich with time.

I also made one of my favourite dishes. I tear up a ton of basil, mint, scallions and parsley—heavy on the basil and mint. I serve the greens on rice noodles, lightly sprinkle it all with a salt/lime juice/honey sauce and top that with seared spicy ahi tuna. I’m serving it with fresh organic peaches and cream corn on the cob.

And for dessert: Blackberry lime curd tart (see above). I will serve it with whipping cream in which I have soaked vanilla seeds.

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