Monday, October 26, 2015

Catching a Break

It’s raining. What the hell will I do today? Write? Read? The movies playing don’t interest me. Last night I took my drawing pad out. This morning I will put it away, unused. It’s warm: Should I go for a walk in the rain? Do I really want to spend another day alone with the cat, the fish and Netflix?

I can waste hours on the web. I could cook something but then there’s the eating. I do not know how to stop.

 Today’s decision has implications: There are a zillion more days like today coming.

WAIT!! I see blue sky. I am out the door.

Fifteen degrees and a totally empty seawall—heaven! I had a thoroughly lovely afternoon walk and tomorrow is due to be sunny and warm again. This is the life.

For sale in Walmart USA.
El Niño 1997 (left) and 2015.
A boy's dream. Multiple action elastic band gun.

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