Thursday, October 22, 2015


I had trouble getting started. It was a beautiful day but … where should I walk?  I had a vague desire to walk south down Main Street with all its wonderful boutiques because I have walked the seawall a zillion times this year already, so that is where I went by way of a little bit of seawall — the False Creek part.

The great thing about Main Street boutiques is that you are very often doing business with the owners and I have become comfortable telling the truth: I am sightseeing, really, not buying. But I did some buying anyway.

For one thing, I got a fabulous Hershel reflective backpack for winter. It is such a smart idea and I love its look. Mine is grey like my smart new winter coat. And I bought an eight-inch Japanese “saint” (I have forgotten the Japanese word I learned from the charming store owner with whom I spoke). He is the patron saint of children and travellers; how sweet is that?

I also bought a really lovely cotton (round) tablecloth in a new linen shop that has a very Provençal feeling to it. Again, the proprietor was charming. We had a lengthy conversation about writing.

It is great to live like this—I lead a life dedicated to pleasure, and I am doing it rather well I think.

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