Monday, October 12, 2015

Post #1000: Thanksgiving

How appropriate: Post #1000 occurs on Thanksgiving.

On Sunday, I went to church: I walked the wall—almost painlessly—loving every bit of the splendor of Stanley Park in the off-season and early morning air rich with the fragrance of the trees. It smelt like Christmas. Then it was home and a rest before a fabulous lunch I wanted at Chambar. I had a reservation at 2:00 pm.

I lunched at Chambar on Friday and loved it but their brunch menu left me uninspired, so I left and headed for Hawksworth. Their kitchen had closed for lunch so I headed for Bacchus. It too, was closed for the afternoon. Le Crocodile, sadly, was closed and when I went to La Brasserie, they were replacing the windows so even it was closed. Damn.

I would up and cheap and cheerful Banana Leaf where I am so well known, the Diet Coke appears unasked. The hostess at Banana Leaf is a charmer and she was so welcoming and happy to see her “favourite regular” I didn’t regret how things turned out.

This Thanksgiving I am, as always, primarily thankful for my friends who are my family. And this year I am particularly grateful to E. O. White whose insights, thankfully, came into my life late enough for me to recognize their value and understand their profundity.

And to sciatica because in spite of all the pain, I felt hope and so I am profoundly thankful to all the factors responsible for my inclination to see the glass half-full and for my ability to realize that.

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