Friday, October 2, 2015

A Great Friday

I did all my shopping and prep yesterday for tonight’s dinner, so today was relaxed and spent mostly tidying and cleaning my condo. After a week of sciatic pain, I had not bent over or lifted anything, but today I walked all day without a cane and even went downhill and up stairs. A miracle, to my mind!

Tonight I am having three people I really like over for dinner, but I hardly know any of them. Mel, I met through a friend of a friend but I always really enjoy his company and wit whenever we find ourselves together.

Neil is a true kindred spirit and prince. I adore every minute in his company; for my personality, he is the ideal companion. He is a true gem, as is Tim. Tim is as sweet as Neil and both have a certain cynicism that delights me.

I am really excited about tonight: Excellent people, lots of champagne, great food (even it it’s me saying so) and a fine, fine dessert.

It’s been cloudy and misty, a true Fall day. But it is warm. And as of tomorrow, we are expecting four days of sunshine and almost 20° temperatures. With my day today, sans canne, I expect to go for a walk tomorrow in ecstasy.

Here is my place…. all tidy and ready for favoured guests.

Hallway sans dustballs finally.
My aquarium is really, really pleasing me. It is in great
shape thanks to all the technology and Costin.
The entertainment altar.
All new cutlery, dishes, chairs champagne glasses
and napkins.
My counter is like an airport runway. I love it.
My spirit spice rack is on the right.
My paradise. Note the Hoja growing. It is my pride
and joy. All you see grew this year.

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