Saturday, October 31, 2015


Further to Yesterday’s post, I should add that I feel very lucky to be experiencing life as I do in spite of finding it challenging to meaningfully fill time. I quite pleasantly got through yesterday, as I get through every day, as an indigent.

I decided to take the subway to the airport to have lunch with my bro, Dwight. As soon as I was on the street I was very happy. Nothing beats being outdoors and on foot. 

The airport was incredibly busy—as Dwight says: Vancouver is now a major hub—and many people were in costumes. I don’t understand the appeal of Halloween to adults.

In one aspect, yesterday was truly remarkable: Voice management. When I called Dwight to see if we could have lunch together, it was the first time I had used my voice and it was gone as it had been the day before. And I mean seriously gone, just as it was a couple of years ago. So I began manipulating my larynx with my fingers as I have been taught to do at the Pacific Voice Clinic.

Then… without thinking, I did something instinctual.

My throat did not feel right. I had never sensed anything physical in past episodes of aphasia (the medical term for loss of voice), but this time I did and I felt relief by pushing my larynx gently but harder than I ever had before to one side of my neck.

Suddenly I heard a “pop” sound. It was quite loud and similar to that “pop” you can hear when if bend your fingers backwards. And I knew it was good. I spoke out loud certain my voice would work and it did. It did magnificently and so I burst into tears because I knew that years of problems with my voice are over. I am in charge now. Whenever my voice goes I can pop my larynx back into place.

I amass quite a collection of images as I read recreationally on the web. It fulfills this founder of a public art gallery of photography to share them. 

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