Thursday, October 15, 2015

Modern Medicine

Today I go deeper into modern medicine.

Two yeas ago, I joined a large cohort of new age patients; “we” are mostly very, very young; only a very few of us are aged. I have never met anyone else in this elite club. We are patents who are medicated according to our DNA—not with all my medications, but with the medications treating my asthma and HIV.

In the past, no matter how much you weighed, how old you were or even the altitude of your residence made no difference to the amount of medication you took. Everyone received the same dosage. But now, as babies are born, their DNA is noted and if they develop a serious disease they will be administered an age-appropriate, weight- appropriate and altitude-appropriate dosage as I am now with my critical care meds.

Currently, only people dealing with life-threatening disease and all infants in BC are part of the DNA-taken cohort, but as time passes there will be more and more of us.

Today, though, a different application of technology will make my medical management easier for me and for “the system.” Today I am meeting a new medical team and they are going to give me an app for my phone. They are also going to do some tests on/with me and they are going to show me how to use the app and give me some tools.

The tools, such as a peak flow meter that I blow into, will enable me to enter data into the app that they will receive at Vancouver General Hospital and as long as the data I enter shows that all is well, nothing will happen. If, however, the data reveals changes in my breathing that are of concern, I will be called in.

There will be far fewer appointments for me in the hospital. They will save money and I will save time and my health will be monitored daily instead of quarterly. It is win, win, win.

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