Saturday, January 23, 2016

Happy Hour

Daniel Radcliffe is a total dreamboat. I just love everything I see of him and read about him.

It’s 4:30. The low winter sun is like a lighthouse; it comes and goes from my living room as it passes clouds. The hippie crystal wind chime hanging in one window sends rainbows everywhere. It’s disco happy hour at Chris’.

I saw the shoots of plants coming up everywhere as I walked the wall today and the pockets I walked through drenched with the scent of winter flowering Jasmine made my heart beat for summer.

The sunshine is like a drug. I feel high from it.

Tomorrow is my first cooking class. It’s called “The NEW Brunch Class.” It is with the Dirty Apron Cooking School where the focus is on mains. I have registered for three classes — all French cooking.

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