Saturday, January 9, 2016

My DInner with Leslie

It’s early Saturday, it will be clear, cool and bright today. I am keen to walk but our building is being treated for ants today so I have to stay home until the exterminators come.

I can hardly wait. I have a beautiful day all for myself.

Last night Leslie came for dinner directly from the ferry from Vancouver Island where she had gone with her brother to settle some issues pertinent to her mother’s estate — her mother passed away New Year’s Day morning, a sad start to Leslie’s year.

But last night she was in fine form. She settled in and we started talking about all she had been through and then I served the appetizer: Mr. Ottolenghi’s Fried leeks done to perfection.

We next chose a movie on Netflix. I chose to watch a drama about the life of Renoir (I lived near his home when I lived in France and I picnicked there.) The film was just as precious and loving as his home; it was a perfect choice, in French, warm, every shot beautifully framed and the weather was relentlessly warm and sunny.

We settled into watching the movie and then I served Ottolenghi’s Warm Winter Slaw. Heaven! And after that, Arrachera. We both love it. And I have leftovers!

After the move, she wanted to watch Schitt’s Creek, a Canadian TV show featuring two comedic actors we like: Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara. It was very funny and it was great to see Leslie peeing herself laughing. And Daniel Levy, Eugene’s son, is humpy!

And while we watched, we ate Apple Cake (very generously fruited), with Maple sauce and whipped cream.

All that followed a long walk mid-day with John & Bunny. You can see the photos in the previous post. I  went to bed exhausted; the week was full. Hence my enthusiasm for my solitary day today.

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