Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Whole Life: Fifteen Jobs

With no plan but a commitment to my creative desires (and only a mild concern for financial security) I did the following. I am glad it is over, given the comfort of my retirement. It is modest, but it was fulfilling in the extreme. The gallery I founded while at Presentation House is about to move into a brand spanking new facility on the waterfront in North Vancouver. And with some luck, my final professional writing will be on the set of my movie if Convergent raises enough money to shoot it.
  1. Drama teacher, West Vancouver Secondary (2 years)
  2. Apprentice, Arts Club Theatre (2 years)
  3. Administrative clerk, Terre des Jeunes, compagnie du theater pour les jeunes (6 months)
  4. Administrative clerk, CMHC poster project for students (6 months)
  5. Moniteur, department d’Anglais, université de Nice (1 year)
  6. Administrator/Stage Manager, ACME Theatre/The Arts Club (1 year)
  7. Presentation House: artistic director of the theatre and gallery (7 years)
  8. Self Employed (3 years); Clients:
    1. Arts Club Theatre
    2. Opus Framing & Art Supplies
    3. Vancouver International Film Festival
  9. Marketing Manager, Opus Framing & Art Supplies (six years)
  10. Self Employed (3 years); Clients:
    1. Waterfront Theatre
    2. Performance Works
    3. Granville Island Administration
  11. Alumni Affairs, Communications, Development Officer, Emily Carr University of Art and Design (3 years)
  12. Sabbatical: 2 extended trips to India. (1 year)
  13. Self Employed (3 years);
    1. Book: Artist Survival Skills (best seller)
    2. Book: Making It (non-seller)
  14. Sabbatical: 2 extended trips to Africa. (1 year)
  15. Self Employed (4 years);
    1. Play: Knock Knock (sold-out run)
    2. Play: Trudeau, Felons & Me (best part: the paper costumes and wigs I made; poorly attended)
    3. Screenplay: Uncle Gus’ Monkey (Sold – 2015)

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