Friday, January 22, 2016

My Gay Pantheon

I referenced “my gay pantheon” in my last post. Here is the complete (gently annotated) list:


Najinsky / Diaghilev
Together they revolutionized dance; Diaghilev was the consummate impresario and Najinski revolutionized choreography. George Balanchine is their legacy.
Oscar Wilde
He is my self-appointed Godfather. I revere him. He is #1.
Gertrude Stein / Alice Toklas
Imagine being a part of their salons with so many truly great artists.
Oliver Sacks
My #2 saw the person, not their disease and his book, Migraine, brought me incredible peace of mind.
Rudolph Nureyev
            Just watch him.
Walt Whitman
            Leaves of Grass.
Freddy Mercury
            Sanctified by AIDS, his passion for music in every form moved me greatly.
Pyotr Tchaikovsky
            Swan Lake.
Jean Cocteau
            No man can do more with a single fluid line.
Michel Tremblay
            Hosannah; For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again; Les Belles Soeurs.
Franco Zefferelli
            Romeo & Juliet.
Leonardo da Vinci / Michaelangelo
Harvey Milk
            My #3 is our foremost martyr.
Alan Turing
His brilliance, his martyrdom.           
Brian Stonehouse
His incredible bravery and then his incredible designs for fashion make him a hero in so many ways.
Hugh Pickett
My father’s dear friend helped me accept myself.
Yotam Ottolenghi
He seduced my tastebuds.
Elton John / Boy George / Ellen Degeneres
Everyone needs some fun.


Abraham Lincoln
Respected historians believe Lincoln may have been gay. For me, The Gettysburg Address is the finest writing I have ever read. I have seen the manuscript.
Luther Burbank
He, too, only may be gay, but his botanical achievements undertaken for the betterment of mankind and done for no remuneration make him a true hero. I have been to his farm.
Dr. Evelyn Hooker
             Her research got homosexuality removed from the list of mental illnesses. She is not
             gay. She has written me a letter. I am smitten.

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