Sunday, January 3, 2016

My Sunday

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Balance. After a birthday, Christmas and New Years, even my minimal amount of socializing made my solitude today feel wonderful.  

Next month, friends of a friend who passed away a year ago will meet to celebrate the bench we have bought in his name in Stanley Park. So yesterday and this morning, I made the invitation above. I loved making it; it evolved through many designs. Far more was discarded than remains.

By noon I was out the door. I was so impressed with Costin’s cookbook, recipe selection and his cooking that I went and bought the book and all the ingredients to replicate his meal. No greater compliment could be made.

I walked to Whole Foods on Cambie, then to the bookstore at Georgia and Broadway and then to Granville Island and came home on the ferry with all the ingredients. It was cold but I was excited about my mission. Late in the afternoon, I made the Sweet Winter Slaw and pigged out on it.

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