Thursday, January 28, 2016

I made a List

These Crusty Orange Briches are new to my
local French bakery. It's only a block from
my place, et ça me plaît beaucoup.

I made a list on Tuesday. It contained all the little things I needed to buy and all the little tasks that I’d been putting off around my place that needed doing. It was comprehensive and once I complete it I will be able to exist every day knowing that absolutely nothing is wrong or missing chez moi.

I’ve been on the go ever since with errands and jobs. My only indulgences have been watching Inside Llewyn Davis on Wednesday night and walking the seawall this morning (early, so I could do errands all the rest of the day).

I have culled things from my kitchen cabinets and drawers — things I’ve had for decades and never touched. Pants are hemmed, aquarium plants have been dramatically pruned, order has been brought to all the places chaos lived. Plus, I have new glass kitchen containers so I do not use saran wrap and so I can see what inside all the things in my fridge. A

All that remains to be done is to have a plumber come in to do some work. I have no idea where the impetus to do all this has come from, but I love the outcome.

Below is a post about Oscar Isaac who so impressed me in Inside Llewyln Davis. Here is my friend Beth’s response to my digital swoon about the movie: “Have to tell you, I hated that movie so much I walked out. An entire film focussed on a whiny self-important self-involved loser with not a social skill to his name - God, it made my flesh crawl.” (She liked Oscar Isaac's performance though not the Coen's roles.)

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