Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mon. Off / Tues. On

The slaw. Two kinds of cabbage, mango, papaya, mint,
coriander, hot pepper and one of Yotam Ottolenghi's
 incredible dressings. Healthy and unspeakably delicious.
Monday was an off day. It was grey and cold; there was ten minutes of snow in the morning. All I did was read, watch, nap and eat. It was a restful day. I made more of the slaw that I love from Plenty, and wrote more of my play.

However, my play isn't engaging my passion. I now prefer cooking, shopping for food, reading recipes and eating to writing. This medium and the graphic design I do keep me creatively satisfied on days when I am not cooking or baking or reading or watching things about cooking and baking.

One of my inappropriate men came by last night; he excelled at pissing me off. Every meeting starts with hope but it is only  question of time before it turns to antipathy—this time, perhaps, to last.

Tuesday was an active day. I walked the seawall and through the park. With the sun so low in the sky, it gives an eerie light to the day—one I am not used to because winter walking is relatively new to me.

My friend John took these photos on Tuesday on his walk in the park.

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