Sunday, January 24, 2016

Day 1 Dirty Apron Cooking School: Brunch

The first class at Dirty Apron Cooking School was great. Matt, the chef, was very nice and as soon as I got there I met Steve and Toni, a couple with whom I liaised throughout the day.

I got the only bad work station, being a single. I will know better next time about how to secure a space. But it didn't really matter because I did fine. I did not need any help.

All the workplaces were well prepared, people clean up whilst you eat what you made after each "round." There were two rounds: The first was kind of eggs Benny. We made a nice herb potato rosti that I did a nice job on, upon which we layered oven roasted thick bacon, then a poached egg topped off with a sun dried tomato Hollandaise sauce. It is pictured above.

Then we ate what we had made and wine and juices were served with nice linens. There were 22 of us and we all ate at one long table and while we did, staff cleaned out work stations.

Round two was spicy cheese scones and brioche French toast served with a grapefruit riesling sabayon we made. It was a delicious way to make French toast and it was refreshing to have it without syrup.

They were very well organized. I look forward to my next classes.

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