Saturday, November 24, 2018

Be A Racist: Get Rich Quick!

Megyn fucking Kelly worked at Fox News where she displayed sensationalistic headline -grabbing conservative views (or so I’ve read in news coverage). She has blonde hair and is photogenic. NBC hired her to be part of their news division (sic). She defended blackface prior to Halloween and NBC fired her—in my opinion, “for cause.”
In my world of little people, a person fired for cause gets no compensation. Megyn fucking Kelly had a three-year contract that NBC has paid out. Megyn fucking Kelly is being settled with sixty-nine million dollars to go away.
Get a job on TV, make racist slurs and get rich! Not on this island.
Last night the bright moonlight was awe-inspiring. 
I went spelunking once, in Czechoslovakia, and when we were deep into a cave, they turned the lights out so we could experience true eternal blackness—a total light void. That’s what it’s like here every night without moonlight. I have dull nightlights in order to be able to get around at night and in such blackness, the light of a full moon is truly spectacular. Were it not so cold, I’d have been drawn outside.
Chris.2—post “breakdown” me—is enjoying improved relations with people. That’s my impression. 
Before my hospitalization, I raised funds for a charity in Vancouver over a ten-year period. I could not bear to work as part of their fundraising committee. I did my own thing and worked with my own long-time associates. 
Here, I love being part of the arts council’s fundraising committee. 
I find everyone is pleasant and effective—the opposite of my experience in Vancouver. I am having fun. And I really enjoy walking with my little dog-walking group. We walk three times a week; they were all strangers when I joined them. As we walk, I spend time with different members of the group each time we go out. We’re about seven people and I like every one of them.
It’s a sweet positive change.

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