Friday, November 9, 2018

Party Day is a Busy Day

Thursday was cloudy and when there’s no sun I lose all my vitality. I forced myself to finish weeding the courtyard. (I’m very glad I did; it looks great). Then I went into town to fetch supplies for the cake I baked late in the afternoon to serve my guests tomorrow night. (Apple cake with Maple sauce that I serve with ice cream. Yum!)
It was cold so I beefed up the fire and spent most of the day enjoying the coziness of the house.
At one point, on the CBC, I heard an incredible singer. His voice was otherworldly. I stopped what I was doing and listened to every sound, waiting for the end and hoping that the host would say the singer’s name again. He did. The singer is Jakob Jozef Orlinksi. I’m smitten. (Check this out.) He’s a Polish countertenor with an extraordinary clear, powerful and emotive voice. I bought two of his albums today.
Today is wet—very wet! The dog walk will be merely tolerated. I’ll wear my new rain gear, thank God, and so will H.H. 
At eleven, Elaine and Darrell are coming by for a consult on the development of the vegetable garden. That’s exciting news. Then I’ll be cleaning and tidying in advance of my party tonight. And at three, I’m going to another Arts Council fundraising meeting. The party begins around six.
We’re voting, in B.C., in a plebicite about electoral reform. Our premier and the leader of the opposition debated the merits of “first past the post” versus “proportional representation” last night on TV and I couldn’t watch it. They were so puerile and insincere I couldn’t stand watching. I was embarrassed for them both, particularly in Mr. Wilkinson, the opposition leader and a lawyer who just kept interrupting and repeating the same thing over and over again. Revotling.

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