Friday, November 2, 2018

Making Friends

Thursday morning I wore my sou’wester raincoat for the first time. It’s like going for a walk in a plastic bag but it keeps me dry. It’s my only truly waterproof coat.
Shirley and Margot went for a morning walk in the mist when the rain stopped, then we went into the village for lunch, took a quick look at The Haven (a residential workshop lodge) and then I took them to the ferry where they had not to wait even a second before boarding. 
Late in the afternoon I took H.H. for a walk along the Trial to Nowhere and it was superb—if a bit swampy. It was 15° and I felt blissful on our walk. 
When I went out into the thick black of very early morning for firewood this morning, there were stars twinkling above me and then sunlight started creeping down the trees and my spirits just took off. I knew it was going to be a lovely day. 
I went on a dog walk with my friends this morning and then idled away some time before going to Drumbeg. I got there around 2:00 pm and ran into Karen whom I’ve met in my dog walking group. She was with her friend Lori and we walked together for a while and discovered that I knew Karen’s father. He was a teacher at the high school I went to and, when he went on to teach at a local university, he heaped praise on me and my students for the work we were doing in our drama courses. He had my students present their work at Simon Fraser University and they were all quite chuffed.
I bid them adieu and soon ran into a gay couple I’d seen at the seaplane terminal last week. I flew to Vancouver with their friend, so I spoke to them and got to know Martin and Paul a little and we’re going to get together for drinks soon.
I drove home elated, Sheba’s head on my lap and with the top down—giddy at my good fortune and grateful for the spectacular and glorious sunshine.

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