Sunday, November 18, 2018

Excusez mon français

Saturday dawned gorgeous; it was sunny, bright and crisp. Going for our first walk was easy. Still in the penumbra of Friday’s seizure and migraines, I took on very little during the day.
Recently, I let the bird feeder go and all the birds disappeared. Yesterday, I realized that the birds were gone and I felt truly bad. I love the birds and to see them darting and diving through my yard, so this morning and I filled both my feeders. At first no birds came. But at noon a huge Raven came to visit and ate a big meal and then, more and more of my little friends came back.
I’m thrilled. So are Fred and Ethel.  
My fountain is emptied and covered now. It looks like Church statuary during Lent. But now the fountain and its pump are ready for the winter weather.
A blogger I follow (and mondegreen collector) actively solicits submissions on his blog and other social media. Since I sent him my “cow tonic” mondegreen, he’s been sending me things like the one below that was sent to him by another follower: 
Ian, grew up on a farm. He had no siblings and so he hung out all the time with his father who swore constantly. Whenever his mother would call his father out for swearing, his father would say to Ian: “Excuse my French.”
When Ian started school and he was learning the alphabet, the teacher said, ‘“F” is for France.” Then she said. “Can anyone here say anything in French?” And so Ian raised his hand and when the teacher acknowledged him, he said, “Jesus Fucking Christ.”
It’s Sunday—my favourite day of the week. It’s brilliant and sunny again and this is the morning of the big dog walking group. And ...  tonight on TV there’s Endeavour, Anne With an E, The Durrells, and The Woman in White.

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