Thursday, November 1, 2018

Departure Day for S&M

Wow! It’s November already.
My guests got up late Wednesday morning. We lazed away the morning until, in air that was almost water, we went to Drumbeg and came home via the south road. Shirley offered to take us all out to dinner but I wanted to stay home so we ate leftovers and we watched the semi-final of The Great Canadian Baking Showto see how my friend Andrei would do. (He’s in the final next week.)
Shirley and Margot go home today on the 1:50 pm ferry. We’ve had a great, relaxing and comfortable visit. It’s been just what Shirley needed; she’s grieving the loss of her wonderful husband. 
They want to see The Haven, a workshop and personal growth centre here, before they leave so that will be all we do this morning before they get on the ferry. This afternoon all I’ll do is chill, likely, and walk Her Highness. I want to relax; I’ve had four seizures in the past two days.

A quirky old gent, name of Freud,
Was, not without reason, anneud
That his concept of Id,
And all that Id did,
Was so starkly and loosely empleud.
~ Martin Fagg
“If you dream,” said the eminent Freud,
“Your Id is in doubt, or annoyed,
By neuroses complex
From suppression of sex,
So passions are best if enjoyed.”
~ Russell Miller
Sigmund Freud says that one who reflects
Sees that sex has far-reaching effects,
For bottled-up urges
Come out in great surges
In directions that no-one expects.
~ Peter Alexander
Said Freud: “I’ve discovered the Id.
Of all your repressions be rid.
It won’t ease the gravity
Of all the depravity,
But you’ll know why you did what you did.”
~ Frank Richards
My ex is the most non-political person I know. He lives to party and I adore him. He does not read the paper and he has no television but yesterday he surprised me when he showed me the pumpkin he made for his office’s pumpkin decorating contest. He’d painted it half blue and half red and when he was explaining his intent one sentence he uttered really hit me hard. He said: “It’s civil war here.”
He lives in L.A. now and has done for almost twenty years and he fears what’s going to happen when the human caravan arrives at the Mexico/U.S. border.

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