Sunday, November 4, 2018

Le dimanche me plait toujours

Yesterday I had nothing to look forward to this month accept endless days with my pets. But now I’m planning a trip to Victoria to have dinner with two long-time friends—Sue and Fran who were here this summer. And…I got an email from Allan and Larry who want to come and visit—maybe with Camille. Things are looking up!
Saturday I just lazed around. It was lovely except a sad, sad note to the day was getting word of the passing of my dear friend Nicola’s partner, David, whom I also knew and liked very much. David and Nicola met late in life and their union inspired many of us. 
It was wonderful this morning to see light in the sky at 6:45 am instead of almost 8:00. And it looks like decent (but mixed) weather for the next several days so I’ll be able to sweep up the bazillion Fir needles in the courtyard and on my deck and put my fountain to “sleep” for the winter. And this morning’s community dog walk won’t be in the pouring rain. 
Sheba was so antsy this morning I took her her for a walk before we go on the community walk at 10:00. It’s still surprisingly warm, even early in the morning, and the birdsong was lovely on a nice bright morning.
I got a pet sitter for next weekend so that I can drive down to Victoria on Sunday and come home on the holiday Monday. I’ve booked a nice Victorian-style boutique hotel and contacted friends in the city to see if we can get together. I’m excited to be going on a little adventure. It livens up my dreary little life.
And speaking of livening up my life…. Tonight is TV bonanza night: Anne With An E, Endeavuor, The Durrells and The Woman in White.

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