Saturday, November 10, 2018


I think planting boxes for my vegetable garden will be coming sometime soon. Elaine and Darrell came by yesterday to talk about how they’ll be built and what I might grow. Elaine has one more year in her old garden, so I’m on my own this year. They also brought some of their homegrown marijuana that makes mine look like crap. 
Elaine gave me some pros and cons about several vegetables. I’ve a lot to learn before undertaking this garden.
At 3:00 I went to a second meeting of the arts council’s fundraising committee. It was a really great meeting. Everyone participated, we were productive and we came up with some ideas that enthuse me—a Gabriola Readsevent and a closing night party for our arts and crafts workshop festival.
The party went okay. All the food was good and there was plenty, conversation went pretty well (there were only a couple of awkward silences) and there were some amazing moments—like when François told us about leaving home at fifteen to move to Montreal from St. Jean and getting a job in a factory where he befriended Harry. Over time, François and Harry became mates and one day Harry invited François over for dinner but François wound up not going. Shortly thereafter Harry was arrested for serially murdering young boys.
Today began with a walk with Her Highness. I’m positively amazed at the diversity and abundance of mushrooms growing here. I imagine it’s the same in all forests, but being a city dweller all my life I’ve never known about the fecundity of Fall’s plushest flourish. 
Now I do post-party cleaning up.

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