Thursday, November 15, 2018

Goodbye Pepper, Hello Parliamentary Integrity

This morning began in sadness. When I booted up my computer first thing this morning, I saw I’d received an email from my good friends David and Bryan but my pleasure turned to bereavement when I read that their beloved dog, Pepper, had died. She was sixteen and one of the world’s most ideal pets. I absolutely adored her.
I’ve been crying on and off all morning and it makes me wonder how they can cope. It’s an absolute horror losing a pet when you’re animal devoted like David, Bryan and I and so many of my friends.
Today will be a sad day and, of course, I can’t keep my hands off my animals.
My dog-walking group met on Wednesday morning and as we waited for everyone to arrive, I had a fairly challenging seizure. I was with people whom I had never forewarned about my condition but they are all women and instinctively gave me the support needed. Human touch is the perfect support.
Because it was rather a rough one, I had a postictal type experience afterwards so they all walked slowly with me. When I was fully recovered I thanked them for their assistance and then said, “Okay. I’m going to close my eyes, spin around and then point at one of you and whomever I point at will have to act weird when we next get together.” And everyone laughed. 
Then I came home to get the soup, salad and lasagna ready for Bev’s arrival just after noon. I picked her up from the noon ferry for her first visit to Pinecone Park. We had lunch and talked a lot and then I took her back to the 3:00 pm ferry. 
Not long after getting home, I took H.H. for another walk and had another seizure. But this one was a 1; the one earlier in the morning was a 5 or 6.
It’s exciting to read the news coming out of the U.K. Her own Ministers are quitting cabinet over the Brexit deal she’s presented showing us that politics can work. They are showing individual integrity and standing up to their leader. I really admire the Ministers abandoning May. They make democracy decent by being effective individuals. They are acting on principle and putting their principles ahead of party loyalty. That’s how parliament is designed to work.
U.S. Republicans have no integrity. Trump’s associates care more about the retention of power more than any ideology. They disgust me.
H.H. and I are off to Nanaimo together this morning; I have an appointment with my eye surgeon at noon. It’s predicted to be a wet day but the next five days are supposed to be sunny and that’s always welcome news. 

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