Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Paula Arrives

Tuesday morning I ordered a highly recommended book for beginning gardeners so that I can learn about vegetable gardening. It’s called The Vegetable Gardner’s Bible.
The rest of the day involved getting Sheba to and from the groomer’s and doing long-put-off housework because Paula made an impulse decision to come visit. She’s arriving this afternoon and staying until Friday morning.
Sheba, by the way, looks stunning—truly magnificent. Sarah did an incredible job. I don’t really care what she looks like but right now she looks like a perfect model dog. Paula will be very impressed—if I can keep her clean till Paula arrives!
I’m not getting my New Yorker magazines due to the mail strike. Pooey.
The rain is back and it’s here to stay for a while but this Fall, so far, has been incredibly mild compared to last year when I moved to Pinecone Park. By this time last year I’d experienced two power failures and we’d had a snowfall.
I head into today with a certain trepidation. There’s a community dog walk, a high potential for a dump truck encounter and Paula is coming to visit. My seizure prevention strategy is to focus on my swelling ego—taking enormous (and undeserved) pride in how beautiful Sheba is.
She looks like a majestic Poodle. A wide one, yes; but she’s not fat. (The wide gene comes from her Bernese Mountain Dog genes.) All clipped, Poodles look stunning to me. Yes, the dogs’ soul makes them all irresistible, but Sheba has such a proud stance. When she sits in the car her chest billows out giving her a truly regal air. (The photo above doesn’t do her justice.)
A month today is the shortest day of the year, some of the highest tides of the year and the beginning of the winter solstice. 

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