Monday, November 5, 2018


Sunday’s dog walk was, as always, wonderful. Even though it was November, I walked the trails in just a t-shirt and slacks. Afterwards, I went to Eoin and François’ home that’s under construction, and what a house! And what a view! Seriously, they are building themselves a lovely large dream home with as beautiful a view as is possible for anyone to have. They look out over the ocean and islands for miles and miles. It’s simply spectacular. 
We were probably almost twenty pets and owners. We move like an army through the trails. The poor people we meet are sometimes overwhelmed by our mass of dogs and people. 
When I arrived back at the car, talking with Eoin, Sheba was gone. I went back into the woods to look for her and found her tagging along with the stragglers. The stragglers said she was distraught because she couldn’t find me. Our reunion meant a lot to both of us.
She is a mess. This morning before we go on a walk with a small group, I will wash her. She’s very accepting of grooming, thank goodness; as a white dog, she needs a lot of it. 
It’s spectacular this morning!
Both Anne with an Eand The Durrellswere extremely satisfying last night. The theme of Anne with an Econcerned acceptance of LGBT people and The Durrellswas immensely satisfying because the stories of the characters are so lovely and human—and all the actors are perfect. My love of the shows is partly due to the writing, even though they’re magnificently sentimental, and partly due to my total willingness to be seduced.  
I met a lovely couple at Drumbeg—Martin and Paul—so I invited them here for pizza on Friday. I also invited Robert whom I met last summer (and who is also gay), and my good gay friends here, François, Eoin and Jay. 
I loved swimming when I was a kid but I was always chicken about diving in and getting started. I hated the cold. I remember standing on the edge of the pool and being so tentative—full of desire and fear at the same time. That’s what it felt like to send the invitations out this morning, but I did it.

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