Thursday, November 22, 2018

Paula Day

What a great start to the day. I got an email from my dear friends Chris and Frani; they are coming here on December 3rdto stay overnight. They’re coming here to celebrate my birthday with me.
Chris has been a valuable friend since 1974 when I met him in my father’s office and hired him away to oversee the building of the little public theatre I was creating in North Vancouver. Their daughter, Jessica, is my surrogate daughter whom I cherish and they are the tribe with whom I’ve had the best holidays of my life.
Paula arrived on time and during a break in the weather. Although it’s wet again, it’s nice and warm. She arrived happy to be here and very happy to have sold her Vancouver condo on Tuesday.
We came home, settled and got caught up on each other’s news. Then we went into the village to pick up some pizzas for dinner and we ate watching a movie. (We watched a J. K. Rowling movie called Fantastic Beasts blah blah blahthat bored the bejesus out of me.) I, of course, was too tired to do anything after the movie, so I went to bed at 8:30. 
I don’t know what we’ll do today. Paula will definitely walk Sheba with me and we’ll go shopping for things to barbeque for dinner. I hope we have a hot tub together.
I’m so stoked Chris and Frani are coming to visit. And the news has come whilst Paula is here. And although it’s still far off, I’m already excited about Steve coming in July because 2019 is almost here and that feels so much closer to his visit.
We broke up twenty-four years ago after fourteen years together. We still talk every week. (He lives in L.A.) Our friendship sustains me; he’s been the best part of my life and forever will be. When he comes, it’ll feel like royalty visiting.
The day just dawned as I am writing this post and I’m shocked and delighted to see vast open blue sky. Against all odds, it’s going to be a decent day. 
I’ve been feeling rather blue about how many seizures I’ve been having lately, and about how rough speaking is to strangers. But with this weather, Paula’s being here and news of Chris and Frani’s impending visit have really buoyed me.
This has been a miracle of an Autumn! And I’m feeling so competent about living here half-off the grid and still so very lucky to live in such a beautiful home on this idyllic island. I never take these things for granted but my approaching birthday intensifies my awareness. 

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