Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Victoria and the Hot Host

The best part of my trip was the weather. Driving and visiting friends in sunshine is as good as it gets. My visit was perfect. 
When I arrived in Victoria, I parked at the beach and went for a walk to stretch my legs and to pass some time before going to Don and Fernando’s house. I got there just after noon and we had a nice chat in the cabin they’re living in while waiting for a development permit for their large Victorian home. 
They took me to lunch and we had a great time getting caught up. I hadn’t seen them for a couple of years. Don’s accounting of the process in which they’re involved was a horrifying tale of City council indifference and neighbour betrayal but he has a great plan and I know he will succeed. He’s such an accomplished man.
Then I checked into Abbymoore Manor where Jeff, the owner, greeted me. He gave me a tour and then invited me to join him in a drink. He was so open, warm, handsome and flirtatious, I felt desire I thought I’d never feel again. He made me feel like in me he’d found a new best friend.
In the evening, I went to meet Fran and Sue and Fran took me to dinner. We had a great time together and we hope to all be together again this summer here on Gabriola.
On Monday morning, as I had breakfast, I watched Jeff have the same effect on all his other guests that he had on me. I’ll definitely go back there for the comfort, the quiet, Jeff and his form-fitting pants. I had a huge gorgeous room with a large balcony. 
After breakfast I went to visit Todd and Jess. They are as family to me and my visit was a delight. I love them and have to go back soon. 
One sign of growth in my island sensibility was leaving early for my trip and stopping to do proper supply shopping at the Super Store in Nanaimo where items are much cheaper. I got things in bulk like cleaning supplies, toiletries and pet supplies. I’m going back to Nanaimo on Thursday to see my eye surgeon and plan to get more supplies to reduce my trips into the village here through winter.

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