Monday, November 26, 2018

Stormy Weather!

I love The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel. It’s a brilliant T.V. series on Amazon Prime set in the heart of Manhattan’s wealthy Jewish community during the 1950s. The heart of the show is a wonderful central character played by an extraordinary actor—a wealthy young woman who becomes a standup comedian. The score is fabulous and they’ve assembled a delicious smorgasbord of actors/characters.  
I’m barely into it; I speak from the experience of only two episodes. But I Googled it and discovered the writer and the lead actor won an Emmy last year for their roles in the show and the show itself won the best comedy Emmy.
Chris and Frani wrote to say that they are coming for two nights. They arrive tomorrow (instead of next week). 
I used to love to think about an impending excitement as I lay in bed awaiting sleep. I always had something “extraordinary” to look forward to: A guest or guests, a date, a now project or a transformative change to a creative project on which I was working, a trip … or whatever. 
This Autumn, so far, has been the stillest period of my adult life. I don’t do, or seek to do, much of anything. Summer imposes responsibilities on me but Fall/Winter on the island is an idle time and Chris.2 is fine with a minimalist approach to living life.
Today is extremely wet. The predicted storm is here but without wind. It’s dark and ominous looking outdoors but I love the sound of the rain on my tin roof. I’d rather just stay home by the fire but today I’ve an arts council fundraising meeting to attend after a dog walk. Today’s community dog walk is cancelled; that’sneverhappened before. That’s how wet it is here today!
I’m glad the postal workers are being legislated back to work. I’ve several things stuck in delivery including all my New Yorkers.

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