Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Chris & Frani Arrive Today

Wow! It’s Spring-like outside. At 5:30 am, when I went outside it was 12°. We must be having a Pineapple Express—a wind/storm front that blows north from Hawaii.
Monday began as one ugly (wet) day. I took Sheba on a very short morning walk and went to the arts council meeting where we continue to make progress and I continue to value the opportunity to be a happy volunteer. (A sub-committee is coming here in a week to see my ladies and consider how we might best monetize them.)
I got home just in time to have a bite before Amy arrived. She’s a lovely young woman whom I met when I first came here. We bumped into each other yesterday; she’d just returned from the Nanaimo General Hospital psych ward into which I also checked myself. I told her I’d been there and she immediately asked if she could come by for a chat.
We talked about living with compromised mental health for a couple of hours; she hasn’t told anyone else about her condition. She really appreciated our time together—particularly about how I use the hot tub to change my mood. And she loved playing with Sheba.
After Amy left I made cookies with my new cookie presses. I’ll honour Chris and Frani's visit today by serving them cookies imprinted by my new kitchen toys.
Late in the day I Skyped Steve and arranged for over three hundred dollars worth of Pralus chocolate to be delivered to his house. I can’t get it anywhere in Canada or shipped here from anywhere else, so Steve has ordered it and he’ll ship it to me.
In the evening, I was back with Mrs. Maisal. The show is delicious compensation for the lack of Mrs. Durrell in my life since The Durrells ended. (Season two comes online on December 5thand she goes to Paris. I can hardly wait.)
I’m off for a decent dog walk. It’s not raining and it’s delicious and warm outside. Then I clean up and wait for Chris and Frani to get here. 

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