Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Cold and Alice Munro

I’m finding this Fall/Winter season a little trying.  This quiet solitary life is excellent for my mental health, as is the companionship of my wonderful pets. But being forever alone leads to a lot of thinking and reflection and that’s not always easy on the soul. There are no distractions here and what ones there are, are risky because so many of them involve loud noises and crowds of strangers.
Yesterday was dark and cold al morning; it even hailed for half an hour leaving a hint of winter white on the ground that crunched underfoot when I went out to feed my million birds. The sound of hail on my tin roof was fabulous, and the site of the bright blue Stellar Jays and shining golden Thrushes together in my feeder was inspiring.
Even Sheba is disinclined to walk. The benefit of a day like yesterday was having a new book by Alice Munro and a chaise longue beside the fire. Thankfully, the next five days are predicted to be bright and sunny—but cold.
I watched interviews with the cast of the soon-to-be-released movie, Knives Out!  I loved watching the film’s trailers yesterday; it looks like wonderful fun! It’s out this weekend. Here’ a link to the trailer.
In the afternoon, the clouds cleared and the sun came out. So Sheba and I went to the park for a walk and some ball play. Then I came home to climb into the spa. I love having a soak in the cold weather!
And then more Alice Munro—her short stories! I absolutely love  short stories; its like going to a five-star restaurant and having an award-winning tasting menu.
Here’s a link to the most beautiful film of Starling murmuration that I have ever seen. You’re welcome!
It’s bloody cold outside today and it’ll be like this all week. It’s -2°, so the fire is seriously roaring this morning to get the house warmed up. It’s gloriously sunny though, so Her Highness and I will enjoy lots of walks. And when I’m not walking, I’ll be reading Ms. Munro.

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