Sunday, November 17, 2019

Ms. Bunny Swan

I got two lovely pink flowering (Cherry?) trees for my yard. (See above.) In Spring, the blossoms are lush and bright and I love how they shine against the dark forest. Now these lovely trees are a shimmering beacon in the darkness of the Winter woods.
Today a major rainstorm and warm temperatures was predicted. We call these warm winter storms a “Pineapple Express” because they come from the southwest (Hawaii). But I think it arrived early. Last night it poured,  but this morning there were brief periods of blue sky during our (coatless) dog walk. Come Tuesday, we’ll start two weeks of sunny days according to Environment Canada.
I did a very  modest amount of work on the armature yesterday. 
For the past few days, five of my fingers were so sore that crafting was painful—especially since the three most painful fingers are on my right hand. I’m assuming the trouble, as with my terribly painful wrist a while back, is arthritis. I’ve had no diagnosis, it was the second guest of a locum who sent me for x-rays of my wrist.
But hallelujah, my fingers are bending today and they are much less painful. Still, I think reading might be a better idea to pass time than crafting.
I have really enjoyed watching The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel,  on Amazon Prime. I love the actors, the sets, the costumes and the writing. One of the actors I really enjoy is Alex Borstein. She plays a character called Susie Myerson, Midge Maisel’s agent who’s kind of edgy,vkind of butch, very  funny and a dreadful dresser! Well ….
Between 2003 and 2009, I fell in love with a comic character on Mad TV. The character was Miss (Bunny) Swan—is a bit of a nasty Asian woman who speaks with a thick comedic Asian accent. Check her out here. But no! An Asian actor did not play her; she was Alex Borstein!
By noon, the blue sky was gone and the forest turned blue with mist. I’m going into the village for supplies and coming home to just chill until the best night on television begins.

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