Thursday, November 28, 2019


I’m a cold pussy. I absolutely hate being cold, so on the dog walk yesterday I wore my polar down jacket. It’s made for hikers idiots who sleep outdoors in a hammock. I can imagine the headlines in this week’s paper: Sleeping Bag Seen Walking in Elder Cedars.
I finished watching the four-part mini series called Retribution  on Netflix. It’s a fabulous cast of British actors telling a great murder mystery story with lots of twists and turns. I loved it. And of course, I got another good hit of Alice Munro.
I also went shopping after the dog-walking group, did some baking, laundry and, of course, kept up the fire. The cookies I baked were amazing. And so they should be! I make a batch every two weeks and always the same kind. Yesterday, when I opened the oven to remove the first badge, the smell was incredible.
I was instantly a kid again, smelling Aunt Audrey’s baking. I could see her apron and wide hips, her gorgeous grey hair and the first smile to reach all the way inside my heart. I could hear her soothing motherly voice sharing her excitement about the magic of baking. She was my best friend.
Thank God for my exquisite sense of smell and wonderful memories!
Anne with an E  has deliciously sappy, first-rate Canadian entertainment. As gawd-awfully sentimental as it was, I loved it. I particularly loved seeing R. H. Thompson, Amybeth McNulty, Geraldine James and Corrine Koslo each episode. But it’s been cancelled and I’m pissed. 
I feel sexism is at work. Anne  has a distinctly feminine, feminist and inclusive liberal plot and I find the medium of television far, far  too male. There’s too much macho violence in crime dramas and way too much sports. There’s too little of intellectual and cultural merit; there’s too little programming for thinkers.
Anne  is a great show advancing a healthy morality—without any Christian/biblical babble. I’m thrilled to hear there’s social media campaign underway to save it. I signed an onine petition. Other shows have been saved; I really hope this one is!
My emotional fog lifted. When the sun shines, it’s impossible for me to feel anything negative at all. The wondrous uplifting smell of fresh baking, yesterday, didn’t hurt either.
It’s -5° this morning. I will not stay long outdoors, even with my polar fleece. And for the first time since I’ve lived here, I am using my curtains on all my large windows (except the one where I work and through which I watch my avian friends). I reckon it helps keep my home warmer at nights and during the mornings. I open them for light once the place is heated.

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