Monday, November 4, 2019

Shiney Leaves

Well, I’m not happy with the gloss varnish on the leaves; I wish I’d gotten a satin finish. Still, I love the bright leaves and I can switch to a different varnish when I do the next batch of leaves. I worked on them yesterday afternoon.
Poor Sheba; she’s so bored. Although I see little limping now, we still only do short walks. We walked in drizzle this morning but it’s lovely and warm, and this afternoon the clouds pulled back and we’ve had some lovely sunny periods that I took in whilst in the spa. 
I have written to make an appointment to file my will! I’ve been meaning to do it forever but I finally made my decisions and write them down. It will feel very good to ensure anything I leave behind goes to good. My buddies, Bruce and Cathy, both had aneurisms; I do not want to be unprepared.
I thought to myself this morning: “Monday again! Another week to get through, indoors.” But then I thought: “A week is nothing. I have the whole Winter to get through, indoors.” It seems daunting conceptually, but I know that there will be breaks in the weather that will see Sheba and I visiting our parks. I do love doing nothing, though, and I do it well. So Winters aren’t too, too tough!

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