Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Supplies Supplied

Look at that colour (above)! The leaves are off the Japanese Maple that is growing in my courtyard. I have three more that are more wine coloured; this one is really fire engine red.
I didn’t go to see Patsy this morning after all. She’s very busy renovating her home to accommodate life only on her lower floor. 
Patsy’s been my guide since I moved here. She was the only person on the island whom I knew (slightly) when I arrived. I met her through my friend, Beth; we all worked professionally in the theatre in our glory days. And she’s single—my favourite kind of person; I can call her up and meet her at Drumbeg Park for Champagne at Happy Hour.
This past summer she got a truly horrific diagnosis; hence, the renos. I’ll wait to see her later in the week.
I felt antsy yesterday and this morning; I’ve been restless, slightly despairing over having nothing to do. But that feeling’s gone now because the wire I ordered arrived today, and I got some satin-finish Varathane. Now I’ve lots to do; I can get back to work on my armature and varnish some more leaves.

This is a meringue sculpture! Yum!

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