Friday, November 22, 2019

No Shower

Yesterday was gorgeous (but cold)! The low sun of winter lights up the forest much more than the summer sun. I also get much  more sunshine coming into the house. 
I did some wood chopping in the afternoon. I absolutely love doing it. Just twenty minutes of work yields enough kindling for weeks of fires.
I also got tickets for Jay and I to go to the local Christmas pantomime. By amateurs! This has always been too “Guffman” a thing for me to do, but I have two friends in the show and so I’m going. I hope it’ll be fun. (What’s Guffman? Just one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. Link.)
All day yesterday I waited for 8:45 pm. That was when the 15 minutes would begin during which all of us on earth would be able to see the Unicorn Meteor Shower.  It occurs when Earth goes through the detritus of a former comet. Normally, one can see perhaps forty per hour; this year scientists predicted the possibility of there being one thousand per hour because of where in the “tail” we were passing. And we had clear skies! But I didn’t see one meteor. Looking online for news, I discovered I was half-an-hour to late. I should have been out there at 8:15!
Using an English accent, say “ears.” That’s how Claire Foy said, “yes,” when she was playing the queen in the Netflix series. I love actors. 
Today was a day of idyllic idleness. I went on a dog walk and then came home to read and just chill at home—with pets and fire. I’m a lucky lad!

Beetle wings on a gossamer gown.

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