Sunday, November 10, 2019

Pettigrew & Peeves

Okay: The funeral thing was a joke.
Yesterday I did absolutely nothing but read. I’m hooked on Major Pettigrew.  I willingly and happily surrendered myself, confident of many, many rewards after reading just the initial paragraphs. Helen Simonson is a master storyteller.
The older I get, the more I love my memories and the way things were. I love the comfort and security of manners, and this book reeks of times and conventions past; it’s about “tradition” (or, as I often think of it: peer pressure from dead people.)
I’m pretty certain that this is my second reading, but the first was so long ago I can’t remember anything. My love of reading is back, so I think I’ll re-read some of my other favourites next.
All I want is something enriching to do all the time. Crafting takes the backseat when I’ve an irresistible book to read. But today I’ll finish Pettigrew  and do some work on the armature between periods of pet loving and fire stoking.
I’m really  pleased with the armature and I love making it.
Pet peeve #1: There’s a commercial on TV for medication for foot fungus wherein a patient is seen talking with a doctor. The writer, client, director and actors all allowed the doctor to say: “It’s a fungus and it’s contagious. You can even give it to others.”
That second sentence insults me and the icing on the turd is “even.”
Pet peeve #2: The cliché: “shark infested waters.” I’ve read it and I hear it in ads for horrid sounding programs on some Adventure channel. Sharks don’t “infest” waters; they live there. 

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