Monday, November 25, 2019

Dull, Dull, Dull

It’s another very lovely day. And the coming week looks pretty good.
I have tickets to fly to Vancouver and back on Wednesday of next week but the city’s bus drivers and subway workers are on strike. Thankfully, the unions are giving advance warning of what days they are striking and what days they’ll work. 
The seaplane I use touches down in a rather remote part of the city and it’s impossible to get a cab. I’ll have to cancel if they are striking on Wednesday (as they are this week).
On the dog walk, Arlene gave me four mighty hefty garlics to plant. Come Springtime, I’ll be rich with juicy garlic with huge  cloves. My garlic crop from this past Spring, failed.
The Marijuana I grew turned out to be fabulous. I just tried it and I’m surprised at how sweet, soft and good it is. 
I walked a new trail to a local park I’ve never visited before. It’s only a fifteen-minute walk from my house and is dominated by a large reservoir and two baseball diamonds. It also has a public washroom and several picnic tables and it gets lots of light. I reckon it’ll be a nice alternate area to visit, come summer, to Drumbeg, the only other place on the island where there is open sky.

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