Sunday, November 3, 2019

Starting Work on the Leaves

Above are my first varnished leaves on the drying rack  improvised using my bread box. I had to rig up a way to hang them because I dip them to coat both sides of the leaf.
There’s been a big change in the weather. It’s eerie out there, but I love it. As I look out into the forest this morning, I can only see a modest distance. The air is milky white but it seems less like fog than like the clouds fell ut of the sky. Everything outside is damp. It’s a day to spend by the fire and that’s just fine. I love slow, cozy Sundays. And now, in the early afternoon, there are shadows because the sun is emerging.
The  park here—at least, for me—is Drumbeg. The route, once you leave the main circular island road, goes from pavement to gravel to obstacle course. Now, however, they have closed the obstacle course section for a week. It’s going to be re-graded and re-surfaced. And this is what I love about Gabriola: The local Lions’ Club undertook this work. 
The Club raised the funds (including getting government grants) because the dreaded section is in a provincial park and repairing our park access road it is not, currently, a provincial priority. And they’ll hire local contractors to do the work. Every time something is done here for the community, citizens do it.
I no longer recycle my plastic, tin or glass beverage containers. I save them in my shed and then call a local charity that helps people pay for veterinarian bills they cannot afford. The charity comes and picks up my containers and recycles them for cash.
As I worked at my desk yesterday, midday, Sheba was making scraping noises as she harvested molecularly thin shards of sinew from the side of the bone I gave her. It went on forever; she provided the bass line. Fred was providing the melody by plucking on the spring doorstop in the bathroom—pulling it and letting it go. “Boing!” it would go, over and over. It was very Phillip Glass yesterday at Pinecone Park.
Yesterday afternoon was a delight: Sheba, Fred and Ethel slept while I read the New Yorker  and then had a spa time. And … I watched Gustavo Dudamel conduct the Vienna Philharmonic playing Bolero.  I love Bolero! I watched it twice on YouTube; I think there was a single woman in the orchestra.
This morning, Sheba and I did part of the big community dog walk and then we came home so I could do a little crafting, napping and anticipate tonight, the best night on TV.

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