Thursday, November 14, 2019

To Nanaimo!

Yesterday was calm … because today hasn’t been.
I have been to the top of Everest and back today. Actually … I went to Nanaimo. I went to ICBC to renew my driver’s license, shoped for some bulk items and treated myself to a hamburger—burgers are a life-long passion.
I felt blessed because today dawned with a clear sky. Nice weather considerably reduces my anxiety about venturing out. And I was back home by 1:00 pm. I am fully loaded: I have bird seed, dog bones and kitty litter for days.
I’ve made no progress with my speech. When I’m alone and away from home I’m always mute. But I now how to deal with things now; I take notes I type and print in advance and I never, ever,  have a problem making myself understood.  
Since getting home, I’ve wallowed in the joy of being home again, by the fire and with the cats. (Sheba’s came with me to Nanaimo and is now sleeping soundly.) And tomorrow is Friday again; this week flew  by.

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