Wednesday, November 6, 2019

More Durrells

What a surprise! There’s not a cloud in the sky this morning. I had no idea more glorious weather was in store for us. Today, we will tie the record set in the early 1950s for the most consecutive days without rain during Autumn. 
The sunshine fills me with energy and I have lots to do. I’ll definitely work on both the armature and the leaves. I have enough wire to finish the frame for the figurine I want to make and new varnish with a flat finish for the leaves.
Sheba and I walked with our small group this morning, nice and warm. And tonight will end with a spa in the dark. I’m still not used to early-onset darkness, but tonight will likely be as clear as was last night and it’s a privilege to be so warm and cozy and relaxed under the stars here. With no streetlights, we get excellent clear bright nights and it’s easy to see starts, the International Space Station (I’ve seen it once) and the Aurora Boralis (also only once). Night spas are gorgeous!
Relocating the bird feeders has brought daily orgasms of ecstasy to Fred and Ethel, both of whom now live on my office windowsill. It’s mere meters from the objects of their obsession. Their tales twitch and knock against the wooden sill as the birds, big and small, dance, argue and gorge in the sunshine. 
Pairs of one species of small birds like to fly in a tight, tight intertwining circle together, straight up and then down again. Their flight path, if drawn, would likely resemble a double helix. When one occurs, Fred and Ethel cackle and “bark” their enthusiasm.
This is how my days now go: I varnish leaves, build my armature and read Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand.  Life could not be better. I move from joy to joy through the day and then climb into the spa before dinner. After eating, I do more on the leaves or armature, then I read in bed before turning off the light. 
The Durrells in Corfu  was perfect entertainment for me. The screenplay was a delight; each character was wonderfully unique and the dialogue was brilliantly witty. The acting was faultless, the scenery, absolutely delicious. Apparently, this coming Sunday on PBS, Keely Hawes hosts a program about the real-life family. Here’s a link to the trailer.

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