Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Fran & Sue

I had a lovely, but short, visit with Sue and Fran. Their big news is that they are going to Ireland together this summer for a few weeks. They have a wonderful friendship, and … they are both single. Single friends are, I find, vital for single people.
Sheba and I are back to walks of normal length. I still won’t let her run like she loves to do. Her greatest joy is galloping through saplings on earth, covered with a thick blanket of moss. We have several groves like that around us and lure her in to run and jump with the grace and speed of an antelope. She is a glorious to watch, but she has three more weeks of healing to go before she ‘gazelles’ again.
Today I do more armature work. It’s really coming along. However, I love my relaxed approach to crafting. I used to obsess about the things I made. I’d work fourteen-hour days for days in a row. But no more! I’ve many daily duties to do and spas to take that make crafting happen in balance. Today’s major duty is shopping. 
Early this morning, a car came driving much to fast down Violet Crescent. Then an ambulance (without its siren going) arrived. Something has happened to the woman across the street. She was taken away in the ambulance, but she was walking.
Beth wrote from Toronto saying she had “TONS” of snow. Right now, it’s not raining, but it has been and soon will again. And so it will go for the next week.
I love the variety with which Environment Canada describes our coming days on their website. Today: “Chance of showers.” Wednesday: “Periods of drizzle.” Thursday: “Periods of rain.” Friday: “Showers.” Saturday: “Rain.” Sunday: “Chances of showers.”

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