Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Party a'Commin'

After a few days off, it felt very good to be back to studying, although some signs are so similar, I worry about confusion as I build up my vocabulary. Yesterday’s focus was on words for friends and family. Jay brought me a book he had on “manual English,” but the drawings can’t compare to video instruction on signing because so much of signing is movement. Studying and reading. That was my day yesterday. 

Putin. What human waste is this man! The aggressive monster warned the West that he’d take “retaliatory measures” if the U.S. and its allies reject its security demands and continue their “aggressive” policies. What the fuck? As I said yesterday: I’m glad that I’m old and on my way out.

It’s party time at Pinecone Park. This afternoon, I’m video chatting with Dianne, and tomorrow I dine with Jay, Eoin and Fran├žois at Woodfire, Friday I do some baking (yea) and eating, and Saturday is dinner and scrabble here with Ali and Peter. Sunday is leftovers, Around the World in 80 Days, All Creatures Great & Small, and Monday I have an appointment with Dr. Shoja. 

For the past five days, it’s been cloudy, cold and damp, but there’s been no rain. And there’s no rain in the forecast, although there is a chance of showers on some days. It’s been rather wonderful to dog walk without rain. 

Next week, it’s February, the month when we often get snow. My God, I hope we don’t. I also hope that there are some sunny days because I’m getting twitchy about doing some cleaning up of my yard. There’s a zillion wheelbarrows full of forest detritus everywhere. Pinecone Park is looking uncared for and I want to clean up.

Until tomorrow…. 

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