Monday, January 10, 2022


Stephen Hawking said, “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” He couldn’t talk either.

Sunday morning’s walk was a lovely one because the sky was clear, the sun was out and much of the snow on the ground has melted. It’s supposed to be 8° today; that’s our normal Winter temperature. And there’s naught but rain in the forecast. Hurray!

We walked for an hour-and-a-half in an area I had never walked before. It was really nice to be outside for so long. After the walk, I went into the village to do some food shopping and then I came home to master the ten ASL signs that gave me trouble yesterday and to review some past lessons. Plus, of course, some reading and a spa and some chillin’ because it was my favourite day of the week—lazy day.

David FaceTimed me from London. The call ended in less than a minute because FaceTime has no chat function, so he’s going to get Skype. 

Last night I enjoyed Around the World in Eighty Days more than the inaugural episode, and All Creatures Great and Small always thrills me. The shots of the train rolling through such a gorgeous green landscape was enough to thrill me, but I love all the characters and actors. Yum!

We were supposed to get our garbage picked up on Saturday, but it didn’t happen. It’s been weeks since the garbage trucks were here, but the regional district says that they will come today. My fingers are crossed.

Soon, I’ll be going walking with my pals and their dogs, then more studying and reading. It’s supposed to rain today and for the next few days, so all the snow will soon be gone and Winter will be more like usual. 

I’ve been pondering moving to where there are signing people, but that idea may have died. I looked at places I could afford in Victoria and was disappointed. I cannot see myself living in a condo; things are terribly expensive. And then I thought of the complications of having three pets and decided I’m better off here. I’m glad I looked and want to stay here for several more years.

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