Sunday, January 16, 2022

Day of Rest!

I’m on of Level 1, Unit 5 of my course and there’s a large ‘vocabulary’ section in each unit. Worries that I might have forgotten some signs, I decided to review the vocabulary of all five units yesterday morning, and to make a list of every sign that I couldn’t recall. My plan was to study the words on the list in the afternoon.  

My list wasn’t too long, so I took a break for lunch and to start my next book before returning to the list. It was a good plan. I’m reviewing them later this morning, after a good long dog walk with Di and Dona and our dogs. Then the vocabulary of the first five lessons will be solid and I’ll be ready to get onto the other sections of lesson five starting tomorrow.

I loved settling onto the couch with Louise Penny during my break. I love her way of telling her stories and I love her recurring characters. I’m terribly grateful to Beth for introducing her to me by leaving me a Penny book to read. 

I bought some new boots yesterday. The boots that have served me since my arrival here feel like they have shrunk or my feet have grown, and that seems unlikely at my age. So, my new boots are size twelve and feel marvelous on my feet. My toes have plenty of room now and it’s wonderful to forest walk in total comfort.

And today is Sunday, my favourite day of the week. I love the choral music in the morning on the CBC, the fabulous evening entertainment on Masterpiece (PBS) and the mindset that magically happens every Sunday that gives me permission to ignore all ‘shoulds’ and to just enjoy the day. This morning, in the silence and the fog, I had a wonderful soak in the spa.

I still don’t have the sign for ‘algebra’ down! Damn.


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