Thursday, January 6, 2022

More Snow!

Last night there was another huge dump of snow and my plastic garage collapsed and is now a heap of broken metal poles, snow and plastic. It collapsed on my car and set off my car alarm not long after 5:00 am. I had to power dress and get out there before the whole neighbourhood was awakened. I hope my car hasn’t been damaged; I’ll have to wait for the melt to see.

Yesterday morning, I wrapped and padded Sheba’s damaged paw and joined my friends for a dog walk—that’s when the snow started. The walk went well for Her Highness; her limping is much better. I managed to say some words. I use a few simple words to communicate thoughts: cold … fast…walk; speaking like that.

So far, my research is telling me that I am on my own. I’m just going to have to figure out for myself how to carry on. I was really freaked out on Tuesday, but yesterday I was much more relaxed about my worsened condition.

I have a valuable new tool for communicating. It only works here at home, but it’s very handy!

I had to phone the pharmacy at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver yesterday to order more HIV medication. I’ve been doing it for twenty-five years; I call a number and leave a message. So, I wrote out what I wanted to say, loaded my text into Google translate, English to English, and dialed the phone. When the machine answered, I tapped on the speaker icon under the text and my computer soke for me.

I was worried it didn’t work, but a kind soul at the hospital called to let me know it has worked and that my pills were on their way. I couldn’t believe that! They have never ever called before. I took the call as a good omen. I’m going to manage as a mute.

This morning, I Zoom with my U.K. stammering group. I’m not sure how it’s going to go and I’m rather nervous about the call, but I really like my fellow members and I know they’ll be accepting.

The snow and staff shortages due to Covid has stopped garbage and recycling collection here, so the Nanaimo Regional District sent us all an email yesterday telling us that we can drive our garbage to a dump site near our fire hall. But this morning they cancelled that plan because of the new snow. 

Sheba is exasperating me. I’m so disappointed that she keeps damaging her foot. I put a sock on her, and she takes it off. It can’t heal because she won’t leave it alone. I can’t watch her 100% of the time and I’m loath to use Prednisone again as it upsets both of us in the night. Prednisone makes her drink constantly and so she’s up all night peeing. Sigh. Time will heal her with any luck. 

Look at those layers!

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