Monday, January 17, 2022

Coaching Day!

Sunday was a great day. First of all, Novak Djokovic got deported from Australia. That made me happy. I’m happy about every decision that works against the unvaccinated. Plus, it was warm even though it was cloudy, and I was happy to enjoy a long walk with Di and Donna. But. We took an unfamiliar trail that bordered a swamp and at times, the swamp had overflowed its area and covered the path.

At one such place, I volunteered to go first and flatten some Salal bush and walk around the flooded trail, but I lost my balance and wound up sitting down in the swamp. Luckily, my new boots kept my feet dry, but I was wet on my butt and sleeves. Thankfully, we were, at that point, not far from our cars.

Then I did some studying. I went over and over the list I made yesterday and worked on problem signs of the past two weeks. It felt good to be warm and dry and back at work on signing. No sooner had I sat down to work, when Shelly arrived with a lovely lasagna for me, freshly made. I had some for lunch; my first pasta in months.

Signing is complex. It matters how every finger of both hands are positioned and palm direction is important as well—so is the movement. It matters how many times various moves are done, too many or too few changes the meaning of a sign. And, of course, facial expression is hugely important. I’m really looking forward to my session tomorrow with Michelle that will allow me to clarify some signs.

By 2:00 pm, I was ready to read by the fire and oh, it felt so, so good to settle into my couch and crack open Ms. Penny’s wonderful book. At 5:20, I went out for wood for the fire, and it wasn’t black as coal outside. There was still a bit of light and it felt good to see that the days are getting slowly longer.

Today, I walk with my buddies, study, read and at 4:00 I have a half-hour signing session with my coach.

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