Tuesday, January 18, 2022

No-Study Day

Those beautiful delicate little feet! How I love birds!

Monday’s walk was lovely because it was so mild, and my new boots lessen the pain from the corn in my foot. I’m buoyed by the weather forecast too; it says Friday to Sunday are going to be sunny days. I can hardly wait.

I started studying as soon as I got home and, as usual, felt good about all I was doing, but then came a test. It was a comprehension test; I had to identify individual signs in a film of a fellow signing (too fast). It was impossibly hard. I was shattered. I haven’t finished it, but my mark is going to be dreadful. However, my session with Michelle was perfect in that it reinvested me with confidence.

I went to bed early, exhausted from all the studying and a half-hour with Michelle. 

It’s raining this morning; our morning walk will be short, and I’ll spend the day reading because I need a break from studying. I’ve come to realize that learning ASL is fun and practical, but I don’t see myself developing a friendship with a signer in my future unless I move, and I don’t want to move.

I wrote to Eoin, François and Jay yesterday to propose that we get together, and so tomorrow night we’re all having dinner at Jay’s. I’m curious about how it will go for me. If I can participate somewhat, I may plan a visit to Vancouver.

Come Sunday, one-third of Winter will be behind us. I’m impatient for the arrival of the warm weather that will bring a welcome change in my daily routine. I’m getting a little sick of endless studying and reading and only that.

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