Saturday, January 1, 2022

Visitors (Maybe)

I found some ice clamp type things that strap over my boots and give me traction. I bought them years ago and had forgotten about them. They are awesome. The rubber boots I have are for boats; they have completely smooth surfaces and are ludicrous for walking on snow and ice. But with the strap-on claws, I’m king/queen of the snow.

Also … Donna, a fellow dog walker, has offered to contact a close friend of hers who signs.  The signer is a Catholic nun who’s in charge of helping deaf children understand and participate in the mass. She lives in Vancouver. Donna is going to ask her if she’s willing to coach me as I learn to sign.

Last night, Julien and his girlfriend, Mayke, contacted me to propose coming to visit late today, staying over, and leaving tomorrow morning. I sent an enthusiastic yes. Am I nervous? That’s a definite, yes! As I post this, I’m await word this morning confirming they’re plan to come here.

If they are planning to arrive late enough in the day, I will go to Di’s for lunch, which would be fun. Donna will be there and Donna’s the person whose friend might be a good signing coach for me, so maybe she’ll have news.

I forgot it was New Year’s last night. I was engaged with my drawing and enjoying a night like every other and went to bed early. But now the holidays are done and I’m glad. Now if we could just get past the snow as well.

Dr. S. explained why I speak terribly with friends. Basically, she rationalized my symptoms as consistent with my diagnosis. I got a sense of relief from the understanding she gave me. But the symptoms don’t change. It’s so, so frustrating!

One aspect of being silent with my fellow dog walkers, is to notice how inane so much of what we say as we walk is. Yesterday, I found myself way ahead of the pack to get away from the silly banter—a social practice to which I was once firmly committed. 

I’ve done more interior rearranging. I took my big chair out of the kitchen and added it to the living room. That room is now looking like a comfy cabin, too full of comfortable chairs and a sofa, but I like it. And I brought a table from the shed into the kitchen and so now I have more surface for preparing meals and the table is a handy place to put things that I bring in from the car for unpacking.

I’m looking forward to doing more studying today. I didn’t do any yesterday; I was too busy with shopping, drawing and domestic duties. I’ve mastered the alphabet and done the first vocabulary lesson. Today, I learn numbers and more vocabulary.

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